Fire Hose Reel Box ( Normal) Fire Hose Cabinet Box

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“AE” range of surface wall mounted standard type fire hosereel cabinets are generally fabricated from electro-galvanised steel material. Aluminium or stainless steel materials are available upon request.

The door hinges are either riveted or welded to the cabinet and swings out 180 degree from left to right. The cabinet comes with viewing panel design at the door to show the equipment installed inside.

The quality of workmanship and finishes are carefully planned and executed from the initial stage of preparing the material, fabrication, up to the surface preparation and powder coating.

The standard finishes of the electro-galvanised steel and aluminium cabinets are “Red” epoxy/polyester powder coated and oven baked. Stainless steel Type 304 and 316 grade cabinets come with 4B quality finishes. Other finishes available on request




• Compact and elegant design.
• Compact and elegant design.
• Quality finishes in epoxy/polyester powder coated and oven baked.
• Easy and fast installation with minimum labour required.

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