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KX-TE 82480 an ultra modern PBX system have very good benefit for your business. You can afford this PBX at very low price. We have after installation service available in our showroom. We are the market leader in PBX system in Bangladesh. Please feel free to contact us for your any PBX Query. KX-TE 82480 helps to establish a good contact between two telephone sets of two users (e.g. calibrating a dialed number to a physical phone, confirming the phone isn't already busy. managing such communication as long as the users need them (i.e. channeling voice sign between the end user) Disjoin those establishment as per the user's requirement. supplying information and data for accounting purposes (e.g. metering calls). In addition to these main basic activities, PBXs offer many other calling characteristics and capabilities, with different supplier providing many features in a great effort to differentiate their own products. General capabilities included (manufacturers and supplier may have a other name for each capacity.

Hybrid systems are a general tool in the economical services industry used on trading arena. These modern hybrid key systems generally only need attached PBXs for communication with back-office staff and voicemail. These systems generally have their front end units indicate to as Turrets and are important for their presentation of hoot-n-holler circuits. Multiple Hoots are presented to multiple users over multiplexed speakers to multiple locations. A hybrid system generally has some call present buttons that thoroughly communicate to individual lines and/or stations, but may also support main dialing to any extensions or outside lines without selecting a line presence. The smart key system is usually fully digital, although analog variants consist and some important systems implement VOIP services. Efficiently, the aspects that separate a PBX from a hybrid key system are the amount, scope and hardness of the characteristics and advantage offered.

We offer various types PABX System from world of popular brand like 3Com, Focus, Nortel, Aastra, Fujitsu, Nortel BCM, Alcatel, Harris, Nortel, Norstar, Ascom, Hicom, Panasonic, Aspect, Hipath and Ready Talk etc. Nanosoft Technology Bangladesh is Supplier, Importer Dealer & Installer in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet & all over in Bangladesh of all kinds of PABX System. We are facilitating full time PABX System solution in Bangladesh. ANALOG PABX, HYBRID PABX, INTERCOM, TELEPHONE SET, Hosted PBX systems, Mobile PBX, IP-PBX are available in our store. Nanosoft Technology System Limited, a sister Concern of CH RokonGruop is the market leader and best supplier of PABX Systems. We offer very competitive price.



Technical Specification:-

Expansion Card for 2 lines & 8 extensiones KX-TE82480


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  • Expansion card to add 2 lines & 8 analog extensiones in a Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX Systems



Product Features:


Expansion Card for 2 lines & 8 extensiones


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