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KX-TDA 100D an ultra modern PBX system have very good benefit for your business. You can afford this PBX at very low price. We have after installation service available in our showroom. We are the market leader in PBX system in Bangladesh. Please feel free to contact us for your any PBX Query. The ultra modern key system now supports SIP, ISDN, analog handsets (in addition to its own proprietary handsets - usually digital) as well as a raft of features more traditionally found on larger PBX systems. Their support for both analog and digital signaling, and of some PBX functionality gives rise to the hybrid designation. Into the 21st century, the characteristic between key systems and PBX systems has become progressively blurred. Initial electronic key systems used devoted handsets which displayed and allowed approach to all connected PSTN lines and stations.

A hybrid system generally has some call present buttons that thoroughly communicate to individual lines and/or stations, but may also support main dialing to any extensions or outside lines without selecting a line presence. The smart key system is usually fully digital, although analog variants consist and some important systems implement VOIP services. Efficiently, the aspects that separate a PBX from a hybrid key system are the amount, scope and hardness of the characteristics and advantage offered. Hybrid systems are a general tool in the economical services industry used on trading arena. These modern hybrid key systems generally only need attached PBXs for communication with back-office staff and voicemail. These systems generally have their front end units indicate to as Turrets and are important for their presentation of hoot-n-holler circuits. Multiple Hoots are presented to multiple users over multiplexed speakers to multiple locations.

We offer various types PABX System from world of popular brand like 3Com, Focus, Nortel, Aastra, Fujitsu, Nortel BCM, Alcatel, Harris, Nortel, Norstar, Ascom, Hicom, Panasonic, Aspect, Hipath and Ready Talk etc. Nanosoft Technology Bangladesh is Supplier, Importer Dealer & Installer in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet & all over in Bangladesh of all kinds of PABX System. We are facilitating full time PABX System solution in Bangladesh. ANALOG PABX, HYBRID PABX, INTERCOM, TELEPHONE SET, Hosted PBX systems, Mobile PBX, IP-PBX are available in our store. Nanosoft Technology System Limited, a sister Concern of CH RokonGruop is the market leader and best supplier of PABX Systems. We offer very competitive price.





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Answer of user's question

lini: What is Hybrid PBX System?

üAdmin: Hybrid PBX Provide better service than Traditional PBX and VOIP Phone System. For increasing future capability company who are using traditional PBX and who are thinking to buy new PBX they should go for hybrid PBX. Hybrid PBX gives you so many facilities which is not available in Traditional PBX like VOIP Service, Call Rules, Auto attendant, Virtual Conference, Fax over IP, Video conference, SIP Tranking, Easy Communication with outside, IP phone system Support.

john: What is IPBX system?

üAdmin: PABX which is using internet protocol called IPBX. By this system with the help of internet technology and special IP Phone (TCP/IP) Communication system one can make conversation, video chat and can send Instant Massage. Computer is needed to activate this IPBX System.

imran: What are the facilities of PBX System?

üAdmin: PBX has so many facilities like Call Received, Call Forward, Voice Mailbox, call hold. Call transfer, Internet Call transfer, Call Conference, ISDN Call Control, External Music on Hold, Inter call Management, group pickup, Consult a number redial automatic call back and don’t disturb button.

hero: How to set up PBX system?

üAdmin: PBX system functions are controlled by PBX server. The server can be set in inside the company and offside the company. These two types of settings we called Virtual PBX and self hosted PBX.

jinky: What is virtual PBX?

üAdmin: Virtual BPX provides extra facility for the company. It provides problem free setup, always maintenance, and offsite hosting facility. In this case company has to buy an IP Phone and manage an internet connection for managing day to day online administrative task. It works better for small business. Since it use share server the cost is low. But when business growth it expense per user also increase. On that time you have to give attention on self hosted PBX.

lipi: What is self hosted PBX?

üAdmin: It’s set into the company internal safe and cold server room. Its uses VOIP or Traditional telephone line system. Company who receive many business call everyday for them self hosted PBX is best solution. Since this is extra responsibility for the company hence they can save an amount of money and can make better control on system. Very often buyer search various package from ITSP (internet Telephony Service Provider) which include server, Firewall configuration, software, Broadband connection, and other 


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